Save anywhere in iCloud Drive


I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious, but is there a way to save a draft as a file in iCloud Drive but outside the Drafts folder?


Only using an Export action step and manually selecting the destination. Sandbox limitation, apps can’t write programmatically outside their own container.


I feared as much. Was hoping there was a clever way to encode the full path in the title line instead of having to use the GUI.

How does an app like Textor automatically know where to save as you update the file? I don’t expect, or want, Drafts to be file-based, but it would be nice if I could choose a target once and then export to that same spot each time I update.


If an app supports editing documents in place and opens a document via the file browser, it is given a URL and iOS punches a hole in the Sandbox for that specific file - allow it to write back changes to the file.

The problem for doing something clever with that in Drafts, is that if I declare support for editing in place, it changes a bunch of other behaviors that are not necessarily supported or compatible…so I can’t just enable it to allow for tricky actions that target those files.


On a similar theme, forgive me as I haven’t set up an action to test as yet, but can Drafts write a text file to the new ~Templates folder within the Drafts iCloud folder?

Apologies - Have just had a minute to try this and can indeed write to Library>Templates.


Thanks, Greg. A clear explanation of what you’re up against. I’m probably trying to stretch Drafts beyond its limits.


Back with Drafts 4, I had a system that would save everything to a Drafts folder in Dropbox with a --folder appended to the filename. I set up Hazel to read the --folder, sort into the appropriate directory, and remove the filename extension. It’s a kludge but it worked well once it was all set up.


Well, that’s a thought. I could set up a Dropbox folder as a sort of way-station, saving to there from Drafts (which is easy to automate) and then using Hazel to keep that folder in sync with places in iCloud Drive. Thanks!