Run Action results in Altert even with notifications turned off


I ran a Zapier to Notion and every time I call the run action an alert pops ups for every document I move.

IOS 15.2 but happened before
newest version of drafts but happened before
Notification on the run action is set to none

What do I miss?

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Can you break this down into more detail? You talk about Zapier, Notion, Drafts (an action), document moves and notifications. But there is nothing to explain the detail of how this all fits together.

Also when you refer to an alert, is this an alert or a notification? They are different things.

Hello Slumber,

thanks for jumping in.

I create a note using drafts
Run a catch hook on Zapier
To transfer the note to notion


with the Zapier address follow


Anything else needed?

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Are you using this example Zapier action from the directory?

Knowing exactly what action you are using is helpful to troubleshoot. If it is this one, it has an alert scripted in it for troubleshooting purposes. You can comment out or remove the line alert(hookURL); in the script if you do not want that in your installation version. That action was meant as an example, not a final action for use as-is.


Thank you for the eye opener :slight_smile: