Run action on all drafts in a workspace

Hi everyone

I’m in the process of writing some light user-manual type material in the form of separate drafts in their own workspace. Once I’ve finished writing them I’d like to be able to ‘get them all out of the workspace’ in one batch, ideally. I haven’t decided how, yet. Is there a way that I could select a workspace and run the appropriate action on all drafts in that workspace, rather than having to go through and do each one manually?


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The easiest solution (which I also often forget) is that you can use the „select“ button at the bottom of the drafts list in that worksspace. When you selected all drafts tap on „Operations“ and then on „Run Action“ this will run the selected action on all drafts.

If you have like hundreds of drafts a simple script could be the quicker solution - I can help with that if you have that many drafts in the specific workspace.

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Ah thanks! Good reminder. I’ll have about 20 so hopefully that’s fine. Thanks very much.

Just to note, you can tap and hold on the “Select” button to get a menu with a “Select All” option.