Rich text in different fonts?

My workflow (proposed):
Create markdown text with Drafts
Convert it into rich text using the “copy as rich text” action
Paste the result into Scrivener to organize my writing, and from then on, into a word processor like Pages.
But the rich text the action produces is in Times font and I need Verdana. Converting every clipboard full of text to Verdana is not feasible. How do I proceed? Non-techie here but I don’t mind messing with scripts if someone tells me how! A more flexible rich text action would be useful to those of us working to produce print documents rather than screen ones.

Do you know any HTML/CSS? Markdown converts to HTML, then to rich text, and with some limitations, the conversion to rich text will respect styles applied to the HTML.

Here is a modified version which applies a Verdana font style in the HTML.

The key part is:

<body style=“font-family:Verdana;”>

Other HTML styles could be applied to change the rendering of the rich text.

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Many thanks for this. I used to know a lot about HTML/CSS many years ago, before they got so complicated and my interests moved elsewhere (to Flash Actionscript, amongst other things). The combo Drafts + Scrivener is going to make my current project (thesis writing) so much simpler!