Retrieve info from Omnifocus or other apps

I know there are a lot of actions for sending text from Drafts to mail, OmniFocus, etc. . I would like to know how to retrieve info from app say OmniFocus or 1A to create a new draft.


Each app may provide it’s own URL scheme that you may be able to use to do this sort of thing, or you may be able to read a file by directing Drafts to it.

Otherwise you should be looking at pushing from an app into Drafts via the share sheet.

As an example of what’s possible, with the API integration between Drafts and Todoist, it’s possible to pull in, say, project details to Drafts. The action below can be found in the action directory.

Thank You. In Mac OSX I can use url scheme to take me from Drafts to the completed perspective. THen I can copy as a task paper list and then paste in the current draft that is open. I just now have to get it to be automatic. Keyboard maestro might be handy for this.

Your thoughts?

Keyboardmaestro is always handy to have available for macro style operations like this :sunglasses: