Retain focus on cursor/caret

Hey all. I’m trying to get my head around the issue of some actions scrolling all the way to the end of a draft even when the caret remains in position somewhere offscreen.

Using this action as an example:

If I indent some text using the above action on a draft that extends beyond the editor window, I end up having to scroll back up to the line/paragraph I just indented. What I’d prefer is for the editor to stay with the cursor. Suggestions welcomed!

+1 for that - happens on my iPhone, too!
I think this should be in #issues

Its not happening everytime and of course the drafts needs to be “long enough”

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Any offers of solutions gratefully accepted!

I’m on the beta version (15.1.7) running on an iPhone 8+ on iOS 12 and I’ve indented with that action at various positions on a couple of drafts that you have to scroll through -
one about 50 lines long, the other wellover 1,200 lines.

I’ve tried maybe 20-30 tests and couldn’t reproduce it, but I did manage to get the action to start in denting two lines rather than just the one it should have :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can you provide details of the app version, device, sample draft where it can reliably produce the issue (perhaps copy the content into a code block in a collapsed (hidden/spoiler) section) and instructions for where to scroll to and select in order to produce the issue?

Thanks for taking a look!

Drafts 15.1.7 here also. IPad Pro 10.5, iOS 13.1.1.

Just created a new draft with some dummy (lorem ipsum) text and I’m seeing the same issue, so it doesn’t seem to be about any specific properties of particular drafts I’m working on— just that the text extends beyond the bounds of the editor window…


Okay, so at this point I think what might be best is confirmation from someone running the same set-up as you.