Research Notes and maybe footnotes or linking

I’m hoping someone can help me out with this…

I use Drafts as my first line of research for my day job as a Senior Systems (UNIX) Engineer and today ran into an issue with Drafts on my Mac that I’m hoping someone has a better solution than I did.

I ran a Python script on one of my servers and the script output showed

• run action 1 (use x command)
• run action 2 (use y command)
• run action 3 (use z command)

You get the idea…

What I was looking to do is to keep the flow of the original output that showed the need to run the commands and then possibly use a footnote, link, etc… with the actual output of each of the commands. (I hope that made sense.)

I wound up chopping the output of the original command and slicing in the output underneath “run x”, “run y” and “run z” while use code blocks to better represent what was actually run. I hate the flow of how it reads, but I can’t think of anything better to do.

If anyone needs me to clarify anything, please let me know.



I’m afraid I don’t. Is this something you are triggering from Drafts, putting output into Drafts via an import, manually pasting output into Drafts?

Presumably the actions referenced in the Python script output are “actions” that are Python instructions or command line scripts it has run. Not Drafts actions. right?

I think that sounds like you want to keep the original output, but the things it references you want to have stored outside of the flow. Footnotes could put it in the same draft, links could put it in the draft, in another draft, or external.

If you are using code blocks, presumably you are looking to render the output in an HTML preview to make full use of that formatting. Have you considered the use of a details disclosure section for the output of the “actions”?