Represent Nothing (null) in Actions

I’ve come to love and depend upon my Clear Clipboard action as the single simplest/quickest way to clear my iPhone’s system clipboard with a paired keyboard shortcut. It uses a single, empty clipboard action. Since either 32.0 or 32.1, however, it appears that empty templates are now automatically filled with [[draft]]. As you can imagine, this managed to confuse the heck out of me for an embarrassingly long time before I realized what was happening.

I appreciate looking out but - if I may - I think this change has major potential to cause confusion for others as well. My case is unusual, I’m sure, but I would imagine empty actions are something folks use regularly in action development.

And as far as I can tell… All the ways of doing this in JavaScript are overcomplicated, and unfortunately, app.setClipboard() returns “undefined.”

32.2 Fix

Bless! Thank you!