REOPENED: (TADpole) Action to sort Markdown Todos

I am sure there was an action to sort a markdown todo/checkmark list .

But I can not find it…

How do you want to sort it exactly?

If you just want to move checked entries to the end there’s this.

yep totally

  • TAD-Move Checked to End

totally my mistake too like for ‘todo’ and ‘sort’

thanks Stephen

Probably irrelevant but in my md2pptx open source Markdown to PowerPoint converter I use the location of Taskpaper-style tasks in a “Tasks” slide at the end. It says which slide the task relates to.

A typical one would be

- Reword this slide @due(03-10-2020) @tag(martin)

So, there is sometimes value in the location of a task.


Off topic but I have to look into your script.

I asked because of a 30 item travel checklist that was nearly completed.

Sorting of the list was helpful for easy access of the open ones.

@martinpacker I love your remark.

maybe sorting inside a block or a extraction into a smaller draft for quick work sprints

So, building on your “inside a block” phrase I would want anything working with the Taskpaper tasks to link - in our new [[ ... ]] style way - to the section the task appeared in.

(I can’t do this within presentations with md2pptx (because python-pptx doesn’t do enable me to link to individual slides) but it could be done in any Drafts action that extracted the tasks.)

I just confirmed - by dragging a Taskpaper-style task with a note line out of a Drafts draft and into OmniFocus - that a URL in that note line can be tapped on in OmniFocus to take you into Drafts. (I didn’t construct a proper /open URL to take me back to the draft and a Marker within it but that shouldn’t be difficult.)