Rename Capitalize-Command?

Hi, this is just a tiny suggestion as I stumble over this again and again. In the Edit Menu there are three transformation commands - “Make Upper Case”, “Make Lower Case” and “Capitalize”. I use Paletro to enter commands and repeatedly failed to recognize “Capitalize”. I think, it would be more intuitive to name it consistently, i.e. using the words “Make” and “Case” (e.g. “Make Title Case”?).

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Those are not Drafts commands. Those are macOS system standard commands in the Edit menu. You’ll see them most anywhere you edit text in macOS (at least that uses standard system controls). Not something individual apps should override.

Note that you could install/rename a Drafts action that does capitalization…like the Title action in the default “Tools” action group…which does the same thing and would avoid your naming confusion.

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Wow, I didn’t know that. And thanks for the hint to Title action, that will help!