Removing the title and storing it as variable for future use

Hi there,

This is probably a noobie question, but I’m getting up to speed with building Actions so I’d really appreciate some thoughts.

Basically, I want to remove the title of my Drafts (so that it isn’t exported), but then still use it as the file name in the file that will be saved on my iCloud drive

Can anyone help me with that? Basically, I’m not sure how to remove the title - and even if I then do that, can I still use the [[title]] value later on in my Action?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

I think that a single file action step like this seems to be most like what you describe.

Just specify your path in Drafts’ iCloud folder structure.

Hi @sylumer - thanks alot for the reply, it’s really appreciated.

Just for my own benefit, what is the safe_title property? I can’t seem to find any reference to it in the Draft object documentation.

Thanks very much again!

It is in the template tags documentation. It is an inbuilt evaluation, not part of the scripting model.