Question about Markdown/Copying

I’m new to markdown and Drafts. I’m trying to copy multi markdown, “what I see in the preview,” in a one-step action. I want to take this copy and paste it into OneNote. Yes, I already know this can be done using the send to OneNote, but my company does not allow me to connect Drafts with OneNote. I can’t copy what is in the preview because when I paste that into OneNote, the background and font are incorrect.

Can anyone help?

Use the copy to rich text action. This will place the markdown formatted text in the clipboard and then you can paste it in one note.

If I copy and paste in using the copy to rich text action, I’ll lose the markdown format. The workaround I’m using is Markdown Mail w/Mail Assistant to, but I have to type in “” each time.

After reading your response, I tried the “copy to rich text action” again it still failed. The issue I found is I’m pasting the copied rich text into Parallels - OneNote. I guess Parallels maybe change the copy to simple text?

You can create a Mail Assistant action that includes recipients. In your Mail Assistant action, edit the URL to include the to parameter, like:


That said, Drafts also has powerful OneNote actions that directly integrate via the API and can send formatted HTML content.

Thanks for the follow-up. The API’s downfall is it request access, and my company does not allow third-party apps to connect to any of our O365 applications. The mail assistant action WORKS!! Thank you!