Question about Archive vs Inbox


I have a workspace where I want drafts with a specific tag to show up in archive. Right now, I have a bunch of drafts in archive but they are also in inbox … Can someone help? Thanks!!

The inbox and archive are like folders. It is not possible for the same draft to be in both the inbox and archive. Ever draft is either in the inbox, the archive (or the trash).

Workspaces can filter the list by tags, but they cannot control whether particular drafts appear in the inbox or the archive.

The slight exception being drafts with flagged status, which can optionally be selected to display in either the inbox or archive (or neither, in which case they only appear in the flagged tab) using the “Inbox shows flagged” and “Archive shows flagged” options in the workspace.

Thank you. I see what happened, I imported things twice, so they only appeared to be the “same” file. Thank you!

So the only way to move a draft/s to the archive is to manually do it (or use flags, as you explain?) Thank you!!

  • You could also have the app move to archive at the completion of an action.
  • Flags don’t move to archive, but you can state if you wish flagged drafts to be shown on the archive tab.