Problems with Gmail action in iOS

I have two basic actions using the Gmail Step, with populated to field and either cc or bcc field.

In addition, there’s the standard [[Title]] for subject and [[body]] for body.

It’s worked great for at least a year. One of the actions for longer than that.

They use two different Gmail accounts using the Credentials option.

Recently, the last 2-3 weeks maybe, the action looks to run ok, but the email sent has no body, whether in my Sent items or the recipient’s copy.

How do I troubleshoot this? When I look at the Draft info, it says the action completed ok.


This is a bug in the last update. It’s fixed in the beta and will be out in a bug fix release in the next week.

Oh good. I thought I was losing my mind for awhile. It’s part of an automation, and when I went to look in my Sent Items about the recipient saying there was nothing there, I was flummoxed. I checked for a update first, then thought I’d check here.

I look forward to the next release!