Pro Questions I have

I find Pro (free) extremely useful and a part of my daily ‘personal capture’ workflow. May I ask a few questions?

  1. does the new Pro subscription inlcide iOS and Mac applications
  2. does Pro allow for editable lists for "Add to List’ Action
  3. I find many new featiues and existing features above my tech pay grade … is there a beginners user group (lol) where I can view how ‘lower tech’ members use Drafts for applications like todo’s, as a journal, as a quick capture and more?
  4. appreciate your pricing change and fair - clearly you are serious about making this an extremely valuable tool. Thank you
  1. As long as you are syncing data with iCloud, a Drafts Pro sub will unlock features on all versions of Drafts. You can purchase on either iOS or Mac. Details.

  2. The link above covers the features. Editing actions is part of the Pro feature set, so yes.

  3. This forum is happy to answer beginner questions. There are many resources available for learning as well. You might begin at the getting started page in the user guide, which links other sources as well, like screencasts.

Thank you, subscription payment on the way. You have always respected user questions - a big plus. Thank you.

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