Previous draft always showing on launch

Hi Folks,
I am not in focus mode, yet for the last few weeks or so, every time I open drafts, the previous draft is still showing. I was assuming it was just a beta glitch, but we are now beyond the beta and the glitch remains.

Any thoughts ?


What is your “New Draft After” setting set to?

30 seconds. For example, I just came back to my phone after not being near it for an hour or so and the existing draft is still present.

The OP did say they are not in their first post.

I did delete the app and reinstall and problem is still there. As the forums are not full of this, I’ll assume is not a common problem, but I’d love to have it fixed. It defeats arguably the main purpose of the app.

There was a discussion on Slack about it, but it all went pretty quiet. Greg notes what he found may not have 100% fixed it; perhaps you have a case where it isn’t?

Maybe just drop a mail in to Greg via the support page and he can could investigate, get appropriate logs, etc?

Please open support ticket with details about your OS, version of app, etc.

ooops sorry :smiley: must have overread this… deleted my question

I did do this, many thanks - Jeremy

I have the same issue on my iPhone (works fine on iPad). Focus mode is off and new draft is set to 60 secs. Even after hours, the last draft opens. Has anyone found a solution?

Try toggling focus mode on and off again. Let me know if that fixes.