Pick a Project and Add to Things - Workflow

@tommertron you mentioned having designed a workflow you run once a day to populate list for the pick a project and add to things action - would you mind sharing it?

Sure! Basically I do it using a Keyboard Maestro macro that has some AppleScript and some text scripting to get the list of Things projects, sort the projects alphabetically, save them to a file, then upload the results to Drafts by calling a Drafts action that replaces.

I can’t upload Keyboard Maestro macros here, so I posted on the KM forum, here:

And here is the Drafts action it calls to update the project list:

And finally, here is the “Pick a Project” action that selects the list of projects for the dialog box to send to Things:

You’ll obviously need to go through and do a bit of customization to all of these, especially the GUID in both Drafts action, and also the file path in the Keyboard Maestro macro to point to wherever you want to save the file.

I’m sure there’s a way to do this with a shell script or something, but I found Keyboard Maestro was the easiest way for me to duct-tape a bunch of things together and run on a schedule. If you haven’t purchased it, I find it’s definitely worth the price. I paid $50 or something for it four years ago and I’ve definitely made that up with the time saved over the life of it.

Wow, this is super helpful – thank you so much!