[Pending] Please introduce an outline view feature


I request the developers that you please introduce an outline view feature for drafts so we can jump to a specific section within a note.


In some ways there is already an outline feature. It doesn’t do anything fancy like Omnioutliner or something, but it works to jump to parts of a document. I have a set of feedback that I use when I’m grading some of my college students papers, with links to using APA writing or other helpful writing techniques. I use the Navigation contextual menu to jump between my headings. If you write in Markdown, it lists all of the headings within the specific draft.

This is how it looks on the draft I was talking about:


What would your goal of the outline be.
There would be other solutions like the Table of Content in mdpre (a python script for markdown preprocessing developed by @martinpacker

Often the markdown is not aimed to stay in drafts (never forget the tag line “text capture and processing”)
Yes, I use it for storage to but …