[Pending] Most Recent Note Widget

It would be nice to have a widget to display the text of the most recent or recently modified note.

as a “workaround” you can create a workspace which sorts the drafts in the “All” tab based on “access” or “modified” and choose this workspace in the widget :wink:

That’s not the view I had in mind. Thinking of something like this: IMG_0076

ah sorry, I missed the “the text of”…

sounds reasonable to me, thinking about this I’d like to add, that it also would be great if a hard link to a note would be possible. E.g. a Draft Text widget where the user can select a draft which should be displayed (and opened on tap), one of the options in the configure window for the widget could be that the most recently modified / accessed draft should be displayed.

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I am adding a widget to display a specific note, as well as allowing the list widget to work in the smallest size displaying only one draft. These should address this need.


This is fantastic. Thank you.

Just loaded the beta. This is a great feature update. Appreciate how fast you are doing these releases.

For me it’s a panel of 4 notes and daily at least one of them will need to be swapped out.

This is great — i have been playing with the sticky note widget, which is great but would much prefer it in Drafts. This solves that problem. *Now off to see if I can get the beta invitation!

tested it in beta. Works like a breeze

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