<p>Frustrated with markdown - suggestions?</p>

Frustrated with markdown - suggestions?


Seems I have a blindspot when it comes to formatting any document, not just markdown. But Word, Evernote, etc. If I am putting together a list of items, it will look like hell. Indenting text will look like I am trying to write vertically. Italics will probably not work, etc. etc.

I am wondering what I am doing wrong? How do you make this work? I typically, TRY to use it in markdown to email. Looks great in Drafts, but looks sloppy in e-mail.

EDIT: Just look at that subjectline! Haha.

Other than simply directing you to a Markdown tutorial, I think perhaps we need to narrow the scope of your post. Can you share an example copy of your drafted e-mail with the following:

  1. A copy of what you have in Drafts.
    • Copy the content into your post between triple back ticks.
your Drafts Markdown 
  1. A screenshot of what your resulting e-mail looks like.

  2. Details describing what you feel is wrong, or that you want to change.

  3. What syntax highlighting you have for the draft - Markdown, Multi Markdown, or Github Markdown.

  4. A link to the action you are using to create the e-mail.

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