Optimize workflow in drafts: equivalent of floating window in drafts IOS?


drafts Pro in IOS

In Scrivener for example, I often work in a main always open - displayed synopsis document in a floating window as I am reviewing notes in multiple other documents.
Is there a way however indirect to emulate this in drafts: I would work in a main always open synopsis draft, while at the same time reviewing notes in multiple other drafts.

thank you for your time and help

For mobile, you need to wait until the release of iOS 13/ iPadOS later this year.

Iā€™m not near a Mac to check, but does CMD + Click work to open a Draft from the list in a new window? Certainly the capture window is separate.

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IOS: thank you

Mac: I use the floating window and it is extremely useful: always on top as I navigate the list of drafts


thank you for your reply