Operations: (open in...) other mail apps than Apple Mail: Spark, etc

Hi! Really very happy about version 5 and its possibilities. Obviously, one of the many uses is composing snippets that are then opened in the email app. Far as I understand, this is currently only possible in Apple’s own mail app, which I find quite hideous to work with (and look at). We use Spark (by Readdle) both on mobile and desktop, while testing the upcoming Mail Pilot 3 in beta right now. Any chance of tieing-in alternate email apps like these among the operations / actions? Thanks!

P.S.: We’re also supporting the feature requests “desktop app” and “Slack integration”… Cheers!

Have you checked the action directory for Spark actions? I know there are some because it has a URL scheme.

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Ah, thanks for the tip! There’s three versions of the Spark action loadable – will try all of those (the first one loses the paragraphs, but it’s a good start!).