One action to rule them all (action searcher)

I have dozens of actions, some of which I know exactly where to find, but many that I use less often and usually have to search for.

I’m looking for a way to run a “master action” that lets me find the particular action I want just by starting to type the action name.

It would match the text I type against all action names, across all my action groups, returning an ever shrinking list as I continue to type. Basically like any document search function. I would then click on an action from the results list, calling that action.

Is this possible? I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to write it.

Ok, I just realized there’s already a search function (the :mag: icon above the actions list) that does this exact thing.

A powerful tool that I’m going to start using!

Tip: ⌥ ⌘ L will place your cursor in the actions search field.

I think this is now the standard shortcut. I do not see it listed in my keyboard shortcut modifications for Drafts, or my actions list of keyboard shortcuts.

At some point I had tied a different keyboard combo to trigger the URL drafts://actionSearch?query= via an action, which you can do if you wanted another keyboard shortcut to do the same thing for example.


To add: I also have an action in my main action bar to invoke that URL. Useful for those of us that occasionally peck away at screens without a keyboard at hand!

By far the least fiddly way to do this is to use quick search, which searches actions as well as drafts.

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