Noted Action help

I’m after some help creating an action, I use noted I have a link to the url

I want the action to copy what I’ve made in drafts and open in in Noted. There is an existing notebook called Inbox I want it to create the new note in using the first like as the note title.

I’ve tried making one and I can get it to do everything but copy the Tex in to the new note.

I made a callback action noted://new-note?title=New%20Note&notebook-title=Inbox&title[[title]]&text=[[body]]-notebook=true but as mentioned won’t add the Tex in from drafts just creates a new note called new note in my inbox notebook

Hope someone can help

The Noted documentation says nothing about being able to put text into the body of a Noted note through the URL scheme. I tried a few things, hoping for undocumented behavior, but nothing worked.

The best I think you can do is use a two-step Action. First step: put the body of the draft onto the clipboard. Second step: launch a URL that creates a new note with the appropriate title in the Inbox notebook. After running the Action, you’ll be in Noted and can paste the clipboard into the body of the new note.


Thanks for this, much appreciate.

Your right about Nited not allowing tex body coped in there url, I contacted there support and there reply was:

Hello Robert,

Thank you for reaching out. I am afraid the current version of Noted does not support “text body” in URL Schemes yet.

But we do see the importance of this and team is working on a future update of:

  • Import notes from other note taking apps (Agenda, Drafts, Bear, AudioNote, Evernote)
  • Support content creation in URL Schemes
  • Support content retrieval in URL Schemes

Many thanks,
Terenze @ Noted Team

So it looks like they will add the functionality in future updates of Noted.

Thanks for the work around and I’ll be using that in my workflow until noted post there update to allow Tex body support.

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