Noob question re Simple Calculations

Just starting with drafts. Was wondering if it’s possible to capture variables and do simple calculations within drafts?

What I would like to be able to do is enter a weight and then dosing of up to 3-4 medications, and get back a value for dosing mg/kg… so for example weight = 10 kg, taking med#1 at 100mg in AM and 100mg in PM (total 200mg), so (200/10) = 20 mg/kg and so on…


Drafts uses JavaScript for scripting steps within actions and so has access to variables and can perform mathematical operations using that.

Drafts can use a prompt (or a fancier but more complex HTML prompt) to capture user information to populate the variables.

The captured data and calculation results can then be displayed, added as content into a new or existing draft, written to a file, or even sent via an API to a compatible web service.

On the Mac, you also have the option to call shell scripts instead of using JavaScript which opens up even more possibilities of you have a greater familiarity with other languages that could be accessed/executed from the terminal.

Is that enough to get you started?

Thanks! First time in javascript, it’s ugly but I think I was able to get it to work. Would welcome your suggestions

let f = () => {
	let p = Prompt.create();
	p.title = "Outside Call";
	p.message = "Record your ouside call below.";
	p.addTextField("Caller", "Caller", "");
	p.addTextField("Phone", "Phone", "");
	p.addSelect("rshp", "Relationship to Patient", ["Pediatrician", "ED Doc", "GP", "Parent"], ["Pediatrician"], false);
	p.addTextField("Patient", "Patient", "");
	p.addTextField("DOB", "DOB", "");
	p.addTextField("MRN", "MRN", "");
	p.addTextField("PHN", "PHN", "");

	p.addTextView("prob", "Problem", "");
	p.addTextView("plan", "Plan", "");
	p.addTextField("Medication 1","med1","");
	p.addTextField("dose1am","AM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose1pm","PM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose1hs","HS Dose","");
	p.addTextField("med2","Medication 2","");
	p.addTextField("dose2am","AM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose2pm","PM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose2hs","HS Dose","");
	p.addTextField("med3","Medication 3","");
	p.addTextField("dose3am","AM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose3pm","PM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose3hs","HS Dose","");
	p.addTextField("med4","Medication 4","");
	p.addTextField("dose4am","AM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose4pm","PM Dose","");
	p.addTextField("dose4hs","HS Dose","");

	p.addButton("Create Draft", "create", true);
	if ( {
			d = Draft.create();
			d.content = `# Outside Call

		if (p.buttonPressed == "create") {
			let caller = p.fieldValues["Caller"];
			let phone = p.fieldValues["Phone"];
			let rshp = p.fieldValues["rshp"];

			let pt = p.fieldValues["Patient"];
			let dob = p.fieldValues["DOB"];
			let mrn = p.fieldValues["MRN"];
			let phn = p.fieldValues["PHN"];
			let wt = p.fieldValues["Weight"];

			let med1 = p.fieldValues["med1"]
			let dose1am = p.fieldValues["dose1am"];
			let dose1pm = p.fieldValues["dose1pm"];
			let dose1hs = p.fieldValues["dose1hs"];
			let total1 = ((+(dose1am)) + (+(dose1pm)) + (+(dose1hs)))	

			let med2 = p.fieldValues["med2"];			let dose2am = p.fieldValues["dose2am"];
			let dose2pm = p.fieldValues["dose2pm"];
			let dose2hs = p.fieldValues["dose2hs"];
			let total2 = ((+(dose2am)) + (+(dose2pm)) + (+(dose2hs)))
			let med3 = p.fieldValues["med3"]
			let dose3am = p.fieldValues["dose3am"];
			let dose3pm = p.fieldValues["dose3pm"];
			let dose3hs = p.fieldValues["dose3hs"];
			let total3 = ((+(dose3am)) + (+(dose3pm)) + (+(dose3hs)))			
			let med4 = p.fieldValues["med4"]
			let dose4am = p.fieldValues["dose4am"];
			let dose4pm = p.fieldValues["dose4pm"];
			let dose4hs = p.fieldValues["dose4hs"];
			let total4 = ((+(dose4am)) + (+(dose4pm)) + (+(dose4hs)))

			let mgkg1 = total1 / wt
			let mgkg2 = total2 / wt
			let mgkg3 = total3 / wt
			let mgkg4 = total4 / wt

			let prob = p.fieldValues["prob"];
			let plan = p.fieldValues["plan"];
			if (prob.length == 0) {
				prob = "[none]";
			let entry = `Outside Call 
${strftime(new Date(), "%B %d, %Y %H:%M%p")}
# Caller Info:  
Name: ${caller}
Phone:  ${phone} 
Relationship:  ${rshp}

# Patient Details: 
Name:  ${pt}
DOB:  ${dob}
MRN:  ${mrn}
PHN:  ${phn}
Weight:  ${wt} kg 

# Current Medications
1. ${med1} ${dose1am} ${dose1pm} ${dose1hs} (${mgkg1} mg/kg)
2. ${med2} ${dose2am} ${dose2pm} ${dose2hs} (${mgkg2} mg/kg)
3. ${med3} ${dose3am} ${dose3pm} ${dose3hs} (${mgkg3} mg/kg)
4. ${med4} ${dose4am} ${dose4pm} ${dose4hs} (${mgkg4} mg/kg)

# Problem:

# Plan:
			d.content = entry;
		else { // show log

if (!f()) { context.cancel() }