No keyboard available after using in-app browser

When I click an URL inside Drafts, it opens in the in-app browser view. When I close this view and tap inside the draft, no keyboard appears. I have to switch to another draft and back until the keyboard appears.

Happens in Drafts 34, both on iPhone and iPad (latest OS releases)

You are entering link mode to enable and tap links, correct? Link mode also disables editing. You have to exit link mode to enable editing again - which is done automatically if you change to a different draft.

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Ok. Never noticed that link mode disables editing. Thanks.

Maybe useful tip…in the latest update, the app also parses out any URLs in the draft and makes them available both in the navigation menu and if you long-press the link mode button - so you can open them without having to enter link mode.

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This is a nice feature, thank you.