No email function in macOS 11.4/IOS 14.6

Hi there,

i wondering why no email action is functional in Mac or in IOS only on my IPAD? is there any solution for me.

kind regards

Can you provide more details about your issues? An example action, error messages, a description of what happens (nothing, error, crash) on each platform, etc.

shure, hm, strange … now it’s running without HTML support. Yesterday i try the action, it doesn’t run under any circumstances. it finished with the red flag fail indication.
Still the red flag fail indication on my iphone…

On the Mac check out the Mail Assistant helper app.

On your iPhone, please provide the details from the action log when running your failing action.

Best place to start for understanding email options in Drafts is the integration guide. There are some cross-platform considerations due to API differences.