New line, rather than new paragraph when sending mail

New to Drafts, and it’s an amazing paradigm shift!

I like to sign my emails with something like


But when I use Markdown Mail, the line becomes

Regards, John

The only alternative I can find is adding a blank line to start a new paragraph



which I don’t care for.

Is there a way to force a line break? Any suggestions appreciated!

See the line breaks section of the Markdown spec for details, but the short answer is that to force a line break, you add two or more spaces at the end of the line which will force the insertion of a <br> HTML line break tag.

Ah! Forgot about that. Thanks!

(Noting the irony that this markdown leaves no visible marks.)

By the way, there’s already an action in the directory by @RosemaryOrchard to perform “catch all,” markdown line breaks. Knew I’d seen it somewhere before :slight_smile:

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Very cool!
Thanks @TDK_SA90 and @RosemaryOrchard!