Name of the font in the foghorn preview template?

What is the name of the font used by the “foghorn” preview template?

If you take a look at Foghorn Preview action in the directory, you should see the following defined in the CSS.

Base fonts: Baskerville, Palatino, Times
Font families for code: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, monospace, serif

These are ordered lists and specify the fallback should a prior font be unavailable on a device.

@sylumer has the latest version, which has recently changed the font for this style. The one in the shipping app uses Volkhorn, a Google Font.

Remote loading of fonts was creating issues using the style for some people who used the style offline or in printing, so that was changed to a built in font for the next update.

Thanks for helping me. At least for me, the readability of Volkhorn compared to the other fonts is far superior.