Multiple Messages


The developer has included a “Tweet storm” action that, when activated, will breakup a draft by new lines and compose new, connected tweets from them; additionally, at the end, there is a count/total indicator (eg. 1/7). What I would like to is have something similar for messages. Is there anyone who might be willing to help either edit the aforementioned script or point me to how I might go about doing that?

Although it could be done in Drafts, you would have to have the Messages window pop up and tap “Send” for each individual message if doing this entirely in Drafts (due to system limitations).

You could still so the writing in Drafts, but would recommend building something like this in Shortcuts because it has the ability to send Messages without interaction.

Is it possible to modify the Tweetstorm action to send the segmented post to Tweetbot? Thanks!!

No, that would not be possible. In order to work it has to know the tweet IDs generated as each segmented tweet is posted.