Moving actions around on IOS 15

Hello all. I am new to drafts and trying to move some actions around to make it easier to select. I am able to move it to a different location but when I let up it goes back to where it was before. I have been trying to move for an hour.


Daniel Louque

You can move actions on iOS by dragging and dropping.

To move it to a different group start dragging, use a second finger to open the other action group, move it to the destination location and drop it by releasing the first finger.

Is that what you were looking for?

Thanks for reply. I was trying to attach a video of what I am experiencing but it will not let me post a video.

Host the video elsewhere (video hosting or cloud file host with sharing)and link to it, or produce an animated GIF and embed that.

I wonder if there would be the possibility to make this manual process faster.

I guess @sylumer would know.

If you wanted things in say an alphabetic order, then you could do that with an export, process the export file and then reimport. But most people use a custom order and using drag and drop to shuffle them into position is an intuitive and efficient approach to doing that.

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@dlouque, do you still have the issue? Are you able to provide any further details?