Move draft to specific workplace and add tag

Is someone able to help me with an action that I want it to move the current draft to a specific workplace and add a tag? I’ve found an action that will move a draft to a workplace but I have to select which workplace every time. I’ve tried to create an action but I got nowhere with it.


Workspaces (which I assume is what you meant by workplaces) are filters using things like tags and dates. They are not containers, so you cannot move content to them; they are just different ways of picking out a subset of your drafts.

My guess is your desired workspace shows drafts with a certain set of one or more tags.

If you create an action with no steps, you should just be able to set the Assign tags option in theAfter Success section of the action to set the Drafts tags to have it appear within your preferred workspace.


Yep Workspaces is what I meant, sorry about that. I didn’t also understand that’s what workspaces basically done so thank you for explaining that very easily. That does sound like it makes it much easier to sort what I want to do, thanks very much for the help :blush: