More robust list support?

I’m a huge fan and user of Drafts and use it all the time on my iPhone. Was super excited when I saw it released for Mac and have started using it almost exclusively on the Mac too.

One thing I’ve found myself missing a lot on the Mac is more robust numbered list support similar to whats found in Google Docs, Onenote, etc… I enjoy the ease of use when using Markdown but it really falls down when it comes to list support and quickly outlining things imo.

Specifically I’m referring to:

  1. Ability to indent/outdent list items and have all their numbering update automatically
  2. Ability to move list items up/down using keyboard shortcuts

Would be truly AMAZING if you would consider adding support for these features or perhaps as a new formatting type?


A couple of points in case they help in the interim.

  1. Both of these things will be possible with actions (once available), but for the renumbering would require a manual trigger of an action.
  2. Transformation of Markdown syntax to HTML will automatically take care of renumbering in the output.