More modular “share” settings

I’d like to request an ability (if this is possible for an iOS app to do) to customize on a per-app basis how something shared to Drafts behaves. I share a lot of things to Drafts to go back to later. I know that there’s the option to customize the share template for things shared from Safari, but I’d love to customize other apps independently.

E.g. I would like Pocket shares to look like
{Insertion  point}


rather than


For other apps, perhaps I’d want it to infer a title that it normally just pastes in a URL from — or where the app originating the share only passes a URL (without a title) maybe I’d like that URL to appear on the second or third line of a Draft by default so I’m, in a way, automatically prompted to title the Draft myself rather than succumbing to the temptation of dropping in links without any context.

Desirable, but very difficult and fragile to implement.

What is actually available to the Share sheet depends on what the source app sends, and while there are certain ways to determine what the source app is from within the Share sheet, they are not really documented or supported APIs, so it’s not always so easy to even know what the source app is to make special accommodations - and, it’s fragile, because the source app might change what it sends in an update, etc.

This type of customization is probably best done through Shortcuts on iOS.

There’s definitely some room for improvement in what Drafts makes available in the Share sheet (like in cases where the source app provides some information other than just the text), but it’s not likely it would be something that could be sensitive to what app you are sharing from.


Thanks for the info!

I feel like I make more requests/want more things of Drafts that aren’t feasible or possible on iOS than any other app — and that’s probably because it already blurs my conception of what apps can do on iOS and when I proselytize it, I like to tell nerdy friends it’s almost an operating system unto itself.

Consider this feature request retracted, this only occurred to me since I started using Pocket anyway. With what you explained about the scope of this feature and from what you described about what passes to Drafts from other apps, I no longer want it, even if you were to one day run out of new features to work on (hah). :slight_smile: