Markdown/Multimarkdown support

I see markdown supports MultiMarkdown. MultiMarkdown supports tables, but I can’t get
Drafts to properly preview tables. Is this something coming in the future? It would make
my writing a LOT easier if Drafts fully supported MultiMarkdown.

Thank You for an EXCELLENT program.


Are you sure you have you draft set to preview MultiMarkdown (not the same as Markdown).

When I use Fletcher Penny’s example table

… I get this…

Probably worth you checking what you’ have in your draft and what you are previewing as.

Thanks, figured it out. I had Markdown Compatibility Mode on. With it off it works. How do you get the shading in the Header row?


If you mean where it say preview, that’s just because I’m running a dark Drafts theme.

If you want a shaded table header, that’s all about the CSS. Download the Swiss Preview Action from the action directory and you can get a head start on a shaded table header like this: