Margins sometimes weird from Share extension

This one shows up every ~8th time I use the share extension. I usually use the share extension from my iPad when it’s in Landscape, with an external/Smart Keyboard attached.

I have Extra Large margins set in the app.

OS version? Been going on for multiple OS versions?

15.1.1 – yeah, has been around for at least iOS 14 and 13, I would say.

Has only ever been a minor nit, but just been trying to catch those nits.

My guess from the look of it is that iOS auto-layout is telling Drafts the presentation frame is the full width of the window, not just the width of the form sheet so Drafts is calculating the margin sizes wrong. I’ve never seen this happen but will change my margin settings and try to reproduce. I may just need to calculate margins a little later in the lifecycle of the share extension.