Make new journal entry w/ conditional title as date

Hi everyone!

Been using drafts for a while in the last years and only slowly increased my usage and combination of actions over time.

I have an action to make a new journal entry as Ymmdd.txt on to dropbox. If I’m running this action several time a same day, the next journal entry will get appended to the same Ymmdd.txt file. Each journal entry has an header of ## hour:mins.

What I’d like to add to my action is a conditional statement that adds a header with the date of the day, like # Y/mm/dd at the top of the file, only if it does not exist yet. How to go about it?

Using javascript as a second step after the creation of the note as step one? I was also thinking what to check against in the if statement, and I see you can look up the draft creation date: what would you suggest?


What if you tried to retrieve the content of the da’s file and if you didn’t get anything back you then write your initial header entry as the first entry of a new file. After that, you append the journaling entry as normal.