Make Drafts More User Friendly (less scripts more visual)

Drafts is a very powerful app but I have been struggling incorporating it into my workflow because to do more than the basic actions requires one to learn scripting. I have the intention of creating more advanced workflows but no time to learn Java script.

I have been Relying on Ulysses, Keyboard Maestro, and recently Siri Shortcuts app. I tried Drafts on an off multiple times and wanted to subscribe but was always put off by the requirement to learn scripting to unlock more of what the app has to offer.

A common response is “this is a good time to learn scripting.” I don’t agree with this. I have been able to create advanced multilevel workflows with Keyboard Maestro and Siri Shortcuts thanks to their more accessible visual approach. I would like to see this happen with Drafts.

For example: Drafts can benefit from introducing variables. Find and Replace workflow scenario:

  • Search text for RegEx string and set it to a variable to be used alter on.

Find all sentenced of XX and replace with Last_Name variable

I’m not disputing that some prefer a more visual style of creating workflows. And there are some more building block style action steps in Drafts - coding is not always required.

But Drafts also works very well with Shortcuts and Keyboard Maestro and if you like those tools, by all means keep using them. I’m not sure Drafts need to try to reproduce what they already do very well.

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The approach is appealing BUT I wouldn’t want the round-trip costs if I’m going to orchestrate Drafts from outside, particularly if there were multiple pokes at Drafts in the Shortcut.

Have you tested that and found performance to be a problem? Certainly operations directly within the app have somewhat less overhead, but I doubt the difference would be significant or noticeable for most typical use cases for Shortcuts that act on a single draft.

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A good question: No I haven’t. I’m just wary of round trip costs out of applications.