integration with Drafts? (formerly Integromat) is a powerful integration tool. I would love to use it to connect Dafts to Notion so that table updates could be made in real time.

Does anyone have any experience with this or who could guide me to make the connection with Drafts?

TL;DR - Ultimately you can’t do automatic ‘real time’ updates to Notion from Drafts at this time. Only the usual direct updates to Notion using Drafts’ Notion support.

Drafts is not a web service, but a local app, hence it has a plethora of local integrations. But technically does use iCloud for syncing so it does have an Internet element.

Make is an integration service for web services; such as notion. Make integrated with Notion through its API, which it can access over the Internet.

Drafts has a web capture page that allows you to add content to the Drafts database in iCloud, but it also uses the standard Apple automation check. This is as close as it gets to an Internet enabled interface, but it is not an API.

Could Drafts have an API that allows web services to integrate with the central data source in iCloud? Theoretically I guess the answer would be yes, but Greg (Drafts’ lone developer) would have to build it and pay to host the service.

This does not exist currently and I strongly expect it is non-trivial to build on top of Apple’s iCloud services and there would be a financial consideration to adding such an additional service because of the ongoing cost of running it.

Integromat works very much like Zapier. I haven’t had a chance to post a dedicated example, but if you configure Integromat (I guess now Haven’t followed this) actions (or whatever they call them) to be triggered by a webhook, you can use the exact example action in the Zapier guide that shows how to post to a webhook, just with the URL Integromat provides.

Requires you understand some basic Javascript/JSON to format the params you want, but same process.

(May also be possible to email into Integromat to trigger things using Drafts mail actions, have not explored that)