Mail Assistant and Exchange


I am trying to compose emails in Drafts using Markdown and then send it as HTML. I installed Mail Assitant app and the Markdown Mail (w/ Mail Assistant) action. It does the conversion beautifully but opens my Mail app rather than Outlook. Outlook is set on my mac as my default email reader. Are there any other options to make this work? (The Markdown > Email (Outlook) action errored when I tried that one.

The Markdown > Email (Outlook) action uses URL schemes that are only available in the iOS version of Outlook (and probably only available there because of the pre-Microsoft history of the iOS version).

The Mail Assistant route should work fine with your Exchange accounts, as long as you have them configured in Even if that’s not your default email client, if you configure it with the account Mail Assistant can use it to send. Those messages will go through the same servers, and show up in your Sent folder in Outlook just as if you used Outlook to send them.

It may be possible there is a way to create HTML mail using AppleScript with Outlook - don’t know, it’s not something I’ve personally looked into (and I don’t have Outlook) to check what is available in their AppleScript library.

Thank you for the response. As long as it shows up in my sent folder, I guess it doesn’t matter what application it was sent from.