Mac/ iOS sync in freeVersion or ‘pro’ only

Hi, am new here and cant seem to find a ‘google’ answer to what I would have thought was a simple question… if anyone can help.
I have been using the ios version of drafts 15
for over a year now and syncing between iphones, apple watch & ipads quite happily.

Am thinking of of getting a macbook later this year. Is the syncing with the mac OS version of drafts only available via a ‘drafts pro’ subscription?
Thanks in advance

Sync is based on a shared iCloud account across devices. A pro subscription is not required for this. A Drafts Pro subscription gives you access to the functionality listed on this page:

Great. Thanks. I haven’t been able to get it to sync using an old macbook on BigSur so will work on that again

There are sync troubleshooting steps in the User Guide as well.

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