Lost an action script

A few days ago, I was working on an action script to create a JSON-based backup of all the notes into Dropbox. The action log shows that I ran it (a lot as you’d expect). Now the list of available actions doesn’t show it at all.

Two questions - what’s likely to have happened, and how can I get back the missing script?

I can rewrite it with a bit of effort, but would rather not have to. If I do that, I need to understand how the action script “went missing”.

Most likely things are that you have modified the action and hidden it, moved it to another action group (have you tried search?), or deleted it.

Did you have your action backups enabled?

Thanks @sylumer - very helpful :smile:

Search didn’t find it, and I don’t recall deleting it, but I’d enabled daily backups. I’d also cleared space in iDrive which is probably even more important. Should have checked there first though, my bad.

Another question if I may - I don’t use iDrive much. I prefer Dropbox and Google because they’re platform independent, and I’d like to be able to fit this new script into the current backup cycle I have. Is it possible to invoke an action script from outside Drafts?

The documentation around URLs seems to focus on Drafts initiating work in other apps, but I’m looking for something like a cron job initiating an action-script in Drafts. Drafts will usually be open, but I’d rather not have to rely on a human (i.e. me) to run the script - automation is my preference.

Control of Drafts via AppleScript is still an ongoing development and doesn’t support action triggering yet, but there’s a URL scheme to trigger an action that is straightforward to open from a scheduled shell script.

Note that the text parameter can be empty.