Long URLS and a whitelist request

I have an ongoing issue with really long links like the example below. This is running a query in another app but Drafts seems to stop somewhere part way through the link instead of pulling the whole thing.


Separately, could we get this url scheme whitelisted? More background for the scheme in the second link if that’s needed.




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I’m not counting the characters but maybe this URL hit a 256 character (or whatever) limit.

In other words seems like a badly-structured API.

Interesting thought. It’s stopping at 137 characters. In case this makes running it down easier, immediately after this string - “ 13:6,_9,_13”

Can you copy and paste the URL below and give it a try to see if it works?

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Woah. That worked. What did you do? I’m sitting here staring at the two URLs trying to find the difference.

Excited! Thanks!

Your original URL uses at least one “” rather than “-”. They may look the same in certain circumstances, but they are entirely different characters.

The character is known as an en-dash. It’s supposed to be used syntactically for spreads of ranges. It’s a bit longer than a dash/hyphen, but shorter than an em-dash. That can make it a bit hard to distinguish visually from the others depending upon where you are viewing it.

You can view some of the technical details here:


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