Long Press/Force Touch on Extended Keyboard Row Keys

I’d like to suggest an option whereby we can in effect overload keys. On an external keyboard we can use modifiers like ALT/CMD/SHIFT to affect what the effect of pressing a physical key is. I wonder if it might also be worthwhile implementing a way to do something similar with the extended keyboard row keys.

My initial though is that a long or force press (depending upon your platform) might be an appropriate way to quickly access a secondary function on a key. Perhaps an equivalent mapping of an external keyboard key (e.g. CMD + an extended keyboard key) could be an equivalent too?

My thinking here is that I have several custom keys that do a basic job. However, sometimes I’d like to run that job with more options.

Say for example I have a key that indents a line by 4 spaces when it is pressed. I would like an option to ‘modify’ the key (e.g. using a long press) so that when I then activate it in that way I could pop up a prompt that lets me choose from some other indentation options - indent using 2 spaces/3 spaces/a tab/4 periods, etc.; based on whatever actions I choose to configure against the prompt (or more accurately script) step.

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