Left pane doesn’t stay open on Drafts on IOS

Every time I seem to open Drafts, I have to open the left hand pane, even though I’ve pinned it to be open.

Am I doing something wrong?

Ok, it’s not every time, but it’s regularly enough to be annoying.

The last state is maintained in a session…so as long as that session continues to exist, it will return to it’s last state. iPadOS manages these sessions and hands them back to the app even if it’s been pushed out of memory - as long as it still thinks the session is valid. If the app is closed for long enough, or force quit in the multitasker, etc., the system discards those sessions and the app launches fresh from a cold start.

The last open state of the panes is not restored on a cold start.

This is something I have put consideration into, but it’s not a clear cut problem to solve, because there can be multiple windows open, each with its own state and it’s not necessarily clear which one you want to save and have restored - and opens panes can’t always be restored, if, for example, the app is opened into a split view or slideover.

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