“Last Draft” Menu Item Behavior

If I choose the “Last Draft” menu item after long-pressing the Drafts icon on the Home Screen, more often than not it takes me to a new, blank draft instead of the draft I most recently viewed/edited. Apparently this is because the “New draft after” time has expired and a new draft has been auto-created. This seems unhelpful, since it is the same result that obtains from simply “clicking” on the Drafts icon.

I would prefer that Drafts remember the most recent non-empty draft and that “Last Draft” always takes me there.

Or am I missing something?

What you describe (returning to last draft, not a new one) is how that feature should function. I cannot currently make it do anything but that…have others seen this issue?

Possible there’s some timing issue in certain scenarios, but I’d need more details to sort out how to reproduce the issue.


I have an iPad Air 2 and a iPod Touch 7th Gen. I consistently see the behavior on both devices on both iOS and iPadOS 14, and still today after having upgraded to 15.0.2. And though at least 2 versions of Drafts (currently at 28.1 (32).

Maybe it’s something in the water here ??? :slight_smile:

on my iPhone I only get for of my workspaces on long press (ios15 beta)

on my iPad

(iPadOS 15 Beta)

Last Drafts opens the latest Draft

  • Until the „create new drafts“ timer has expired it opens the last draft

  • after the timer expires it opens a new empty draft.

I agree with @DaveEmme that I am at least confused by this behavior. Does it something else like tapping on the app icon?

But I think Workspaces is helpful for me.

And Resent Drafts should solve the „last drafts“ better.

That would be my idea of last draft (show the latest resent draft)