Is there a way to set a tag so that any drafts with that tagged are automatically sent to "archived"? Thanks!

I’m wondering if I can automate some of my drafts to move into the archived section of my various workspaces. Thank you!

Simply assigning a tag to a draft cannot trigger any action on it. There are a number ways this problem could be solved:

  • Create a “Tag & Archive” action. It does not even need to have any steps, just use the after success setting to move the draft to the archive and assign the tag you want at the same time. This would allow you easily file them away as you go.

  • Manually sweep periodically. Filter the action list by the tag, use “Select > Operations” (tap and hold Select to Select all), and use the “Move to archive” operation.

  • Create a clean up action. A scripted action could be created and run periodically to query for drafts with the tag and move them to the archive.

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