Is there a way to real-time preview a draft one is editing in Marked 2 on a Mac?

Draft → export to txt → preview in Marked 2 : too tedious.
Is there any way to use the draft link of UUID ?
thank you

I don’t believe there is currently a way to do this. Marked 2 typically reads from a file. When the file is (auto-)saved, then Marked 2 updates.

Drafts is using a database of notes rather than a file, so I’m pretty sure any alternative would require Greg and Brett (the respective developers) to link something up in Drafts and Marked 2 to work together in that way.

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thank you. I thought that it would be possible via a note link

I have discussed it with Brett and it’s on the radar. Will likely come along with actions when they make it to the Mac version.


That would be super. Right now I’m using Marked with Sublime Text - which is fine for my blog posts. But for stuff other than my blog posts - which will stay in Dropbox1 - I’d like them to be in Drafts and this would be rather nice.

1 Though I might be persuaded to move it all to Drafts one day.

praise the grand master ! thank you !

I have been using Marks Preview Clipboard function.

It does require being used for each iteration and I find it more efficient than saving a text to a file.

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absolutely great idea which I implemented. Thanks very much