IPad touch menu from home screen

This may have been discussed, but I am not finding it. I realize there is no Force Touch on the iPad. But I thought everything was long press going forward. Why is there note the horizontal menu (plus sign, new draft from clipboard, dictate, search) on the iPad when I long press? I get the vertical list with Edit Home screen etc. and list of recent drafts. I find myself missing this frequently on the iPad. Is this capability just not possible in iPadOS?

The part with those commands is a Today widget. Those cannot be displayed with the long press on iPad, it just different system behavior. You can pin your Today widgets to the home screen on iPadOS, or access them by swiping to the right on your first home screen. You can add the Drafts widget there for easy access.

Provide options for what displays in the menu other than recent drafts is something I plan to implement as a preference down the road.

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Thanks Greg. Widget will work. Capturing text from Messages is my main use case. Not sure why they don’t have the share extension there…