IOS share extension - how to complete existing draft?

Hi there

With the actual Drafts release, using iOS share extension, when I tap on « select existing draft to append/prepend », the app starts a new blank note but does not allow me to select an existing one.

Did I miss something or could be a technical issue ?

Thanks for your help.

You should be presented with a list of Drafts as soon as you select the Select Draft option.

Have you tried restarting your device? Doing so does fix a lot of odd things, especially around the time a new major OS version gets released.

This flow changed slightly recently. You should get a “Select Draft” option in the menu that appears when you tap the > in the share sheet…which opens the selection view (this menu also remembers your recently used drafts for appending). Is that not what you are getting?

Thanks for your answers.
I restarted the iPad, but this did not solve the issue.
Then I uninstalled and reinstalled Drafts app and it works as designed.

Hope it will stays now, as I use this feature on a daily basis.